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Update 11/15/2016:  Since I’ve been taking a long break from this site and haven’t had it visible in a while, my hope is to freshen it up a bit.  To that end, and for the time being, I’ve hidden the older blog posts until I have a chance to review them.  Then over time I’ll re-post those I still have an affinity for.  Thanks.

Thank you for stopping by!  In case you haven’t been around before, here you’ll find a mix of my writing, humor, and occasionally some more serious stuff, too.  I write a bit of fantasy fiction, which you can find a taste of here and here, as well as a growing collection of blog posts that may cover, or uncover, some of the many and varied places my mind takes me.  Whatever the subject, I try to be entertaining, and I welcome your thoughts and feedback most of all. Hope you have a pleasant visit.


  1. #1 by mac on April 16, 2012 - 4:45 AM

    Such a great blog, Joseph. I’m most definitely following. I really like how you’ve integrated your personal experiences with your fictional work as well. I look forward to seeing what you post in the future.


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