A Few Magic Tidbits

Rock In a Hard Place

Sometimes strange things happen in this world.  Sometimes I just can’t figure them out.  Take this boulder, for example.  I came upon it years ago, up in the mountains in Colorado, in the middle of nowhere.  Not only does its precarious position intrigue me, but just look at that flat, rock-hard (under-)belly. How? I wonder.  Or Why?

Maybe that’s why I made up my own fictional world, and started writing about it.  That way I can figure things out.  I know how everything works, and I know the rules.  I don’t have to wonder, and I don’t have to guess.  And yes, there are rules, even for magic.  But in my fictional world, I get to figure out how every trick is done.

Now, mind you, I love watching magicians do their stuff, and I love the wonderment and the being amazed and the not knowing.  That, of course, is also part of the fun of reading a good story.  But when I was a kid, I had a magic kit.  I could do a few tricks for my family, and I learned how some other tricks were done, even if I didn’t master them myself.  I didn’t give away the secrets, either.  I just liked that little bit of knowledge, that benign sense of control over that small piece of my world.  And I liked doing something well enough that I created a sense of wonder in those watching.

I guess in many ways I’m still that little kid.

In keeping with these thoughts, I’ve added a couple of pages to this site, accessed through the new tabs above.  In them I give a little background about what I’m really up to behind the cloak of this blog.  And I also provide a glimpse into my fictional world, my secret little corner of this world that I can figure out.


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  1. #1 by angiem4 on October 4, 2011 - 4:16 PM

    this is great!


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